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Company introduction

Since 1986, here at TM Rubber (Pvt.) Ltd., we strive to be solution provider for its customers. We try to cater all the needs of our customers in the rubber and rubber- to-metal bonded parts industry. We try to become a preferred partner in the supply chain of our customers by establishing close working relations with them.

Having a very advanced in-house lab, we constantly monitor the quality of our products. Our focus on research and development supported with the best machinery is a key factor in our success. All this is done under the supervision of our technical experts.

Our management team constantly implement monitor, control, evaluate, strategic and operational strategies, so that the customer are well served and the goals of the organization are achieved.

Vision Of The Company

  “The ultimate vision of this organization is to be recognized as market leaders in rubber industry of Pakistan.”

Mission Of The Company

TM Rubber (Pvt.) Ltd., is dedicated to provide rubber products to its nation-wide customers. Our product excellence is based on technology innovation, quality, reliability, timely deliveries, and personalized services. TM Rubber (Pvt.) Ltd., Is dedicated to provide its employees with rewarding compensation, safe-working-environment, and opportunity for personal development. We offer our suppliers continuing business by giving incentive to improve their products and services. We enhance our resources and core competencies to be competitive in global market.